Your Body, Your Brand

Why This Podcast?


From Disorder to Coaching

In 2010, I quit my graduate program at Columbia University to become a personal trainer. That year, I was diagnosed with anorexia, although I had been living with an eating disorder (Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified and exercise addiction) for the entirety of my adult life. 

I spent the next five years trying to build a business first as a health coach, and then as a body image coach. During that time, I watched more and more of my friends and then even my clients and podcast listeners drop out of the workforce (or prepare to drop out) to become coaches as well. 

That’s only accelerated in the last two years. Now everyone I know has some kind of coaching business. Even a friend of mine with a Ph.D. started looking to monetize her body instead of focusing on her life's work. It was just easier to get “likes” on her instagram photos that way. 

So I started digging in: what is going on? Why are we so bought into the idea that our bodies are more lucrative than our minds? And why do other people keep reinforcing it with their social and financial capital? And thus, the podcast was born. 


Why Now?


Why now?

It’s now or never. We’re approaching, if not already past, the inflection point for online coaching and social media influence. The conversation about feminism and women at work (lean in, lean out, “choice feminism,” etc.) has reached a fever pitch, and no one seems to have definitive or workable answers. 

More and more of the people in my network are dropping out. This year alone, several female identified friends started selling Beachbody and essential oils, and four people in my immediate network left their jobs because they believed that there was no future for them in Silicon Valley. I’m one of them.



About the Host


Kaila Tova

is a multifaceted, multi-passionate explorer of culture, performance, body image, and marketing. 

After recovering from orthorexia, anorexia, and an exercise addiction, Kaila began a career in marketing while moonlighting as a body image coach for women recovering from eating disorders/disordered eating. She is now a speaker on and writer of unpopular opinions about media literacy and marketing psychology and behavioral/identity economics in the context of body image. 

In her “spare” time, she is an award-winning burlesque and drag performer, based in Madison, WI .

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